Weaving a Story

We think of our work as creating the opening passage of a story. The process begins when we encounter the site. This site may be a public space in the middle of a city or a small plot of land in a vast natural setting, an abandoned building or even a single sheet of paper. As we come face to face with the site, we set about carefully gathering its various elements: its light or air, its human or natural community, its beauty and ugliness, the memories of its past. And from these elements, we weave the first passage of the story. This becomes the starting point for a new human community, which in turn goes on to create its own chapters in the story.


  • Gen KumagaiPresident

    Born in Yokohama 1973.
    1995 Kumagai started his career at Studio Jae-Eun Choi as an assistant to an artist Jae-Eun Choi.
    2002 - 2008 participated in Earthscape Inc..
    In 2009, he moved back in Yokohama to found and lead STGK Inc. / Stusio Gen Kumagai.
    He also works as a part-time lecturer at Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts (2011-) and other universities.

  • Yuki ItoDesigner

    Graduated with a master's degree in Fine Arts from Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts, and joined STGK in 2011.
    His recent projects: "Osaka Marubiru", "Grand Mall Park", "have a Yokohama"

  • Jun MiyamotoDesigner

    Born in 1986. After completing a master's degree in Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts, he joined STGK in 2012.
    His recent projects: "Jissen Women's University Hino Campus", "Minamaki Minna no Hiroba (Station Plaza)" and "Yamanami Nursery School"

  • Hiroki ShizuyaDesigner

    Graduatetd from Kyoto University of Art and Design in Landscape Design course, then joined STGK in 2013.
    His recent projects: "Jinkou-ji temple", "Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu Phase3", "Tokoha University Kusanagi Campus", "Duo Hills Minami-Machida The Garden"

  • Fumika NaritomiDesigner

    Graduated from Kansai University Department of Architecture in Japan, and then completed Wood Program at Aalto University Department of Architecture in Finland. She joined STGK in 2015.
    Her recent projects: "Sakonyama Minna no Niwa", "BRANCH Yokohama Nanbu Market" and "MOTOMACHI Shopping Street / public space renewal"

  • Chinatsu OnitsukaDesigner

    Completed Graduate School of Engineering of Chiba University, she joined STGK in 2015.
    Her recent projects: "AEON MALL Miyazaki - hinata TERRACE", "Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu Phase3"

  • Satoru NakamuraDesigner

    Born in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa. Majored in Landscape Design and graduated from Department of Environmental Design of Tama Art University in 2013. He started his carrier as a landscaping craftsman, and changed to a designer later. Joined STGK in 2019.
    His major projects: "Fukuoka Airport", "ASAMA resort/ renewal", "Toyama Municipal funeral hall" and "THE OUTLET KITAKYUSYU"

  • Yuto TakatsuDesigner

    Born in Tajimi, Gifu 1996. Graduated with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts, and joined STGK in 2020.
    His recent projects: "The Monument of Requiem for Tsukui Yamayuri-en" and others

  • Koji SeoDesigner

    Born in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture. 2018 completed his master's degree in Architectural Design at Okayama Prefectural University. After his experiences at an architecture firm and a landscape design firm, joined STGK in 2020.
    His major projects: "Isuzu Motors head office greening project" and "THE OUTLET KITAKYUSHU"

  • Wang ZhejunDesigner

    1996 born in Hangzhou, China. 2018 she came to Japan after finishing her bachelor's degree in Landscape Design of Faculty of Architecture at China Academy of Art. 2021 graduated with a master's degree in Landscape Architecture from Tokyo University of Agriculture, and joined STGK.

  • Cherie MoriProject Manager

    Born in 1970. Having 17 years of experiences in marketing, planning and project management at a multinational corporation, she joined STGK in 2017. Press contact :

  • Emiko KumagaiDirector

    Born in Azumino, Nagano. Her previous career was a nurse at a university hospital for 14 years, including a management position and a care manager. Currently she owns a local community café, while she serves at STGK as an accountant and a community designer at "Sakonyama housing" and "Minamaki Lab".

  • Yoichiro Ishikawa

    2009-2016 worked at STGK. His major projects at STGK include "Okinawa Outlet Mall Ashibinaa", "CLASUWA", "Minamaki Minna no Hiroba (Station Plaza)", "Kinjofuto Parking Lot" and "Tokyo Metro Magome Dorm". In 2016, he established a landscape studio TREEFORTE. http:/

  • Natsuko Kuma

    2011-2015 worked at STGK. Her major projects at STGK were "FRESPO Inage","Mitsui Garden Hotel Osaka Premier"and "MUFG Global Learning Center". In 2015, she started her own design studio of landescape & product, DESIGN PEOPLE.

  • Top Apichart

    2017-2021 worked at STGK. Born in Bangkok, Thailand 1990. Graduated from Chulalongkorn University Landscape Architecture department in 2013. Besides STGK, he had 3 years experiences as a landscape architect at Landscape Architects of Bangkok and Sanitas Studio in Thailand.


  • 2022YOKOHAMA HITO MACHI DESIGN AWARD / Townscape Award: Motomachi Shopping Street Parklets
  • 2021CHUBU ARCHITECTURE AWARD:Shida Koiki Jimu-kumiai Funeral Hall 'Hoshiyama no Sono'
  • 2021GOOD DESIGN AWARD: Kagoshima World Cultural Heritage Orientation Centre (Sengan-en and Shoko Shuseikan Museum)
  • 2019GOOD DESIGN AWARD: Duo Hills Minami-Machida The Garden
  • 2019YOKOHAMA HITO MACHI DESIGN AWARD / Townscape Award: Sakonyama Minna no Niwa
  • 2018CIVIL ENGINEERING DESIGN PRIZE, JSCE / Honorable Award: Grand Mall Park Renewal Project
  • 2018KANAGAWA ARCHITECTURE CONCOUR Second Prize: Ossuary in Hino Cemetery Park
  • 2018GOOD DESIGN AWARD / "My Favorite Design" (Prof. Taku Nohara - Urban Designer): Sakonyama Minna no Niwa
  • 2018GOOD DESIGN AWARD: have a Yokohama (Yokohama Station Construction Fence project)
  • 2018GOOD DESIGN AWARD: Grand Mall Park
  • 2018SDA AWARD Selected Project / Kyushu District Award: Sengan-en and Shoko Shuseikan
  • 2018KIDS DESIGN AWARD: Nursery Room Berry Bear Fukagawa-Fuyuki
  • 2017SOTONOBA AWARD Second Prize: Sakonyama Minna no Niwa
  • 2017CLA AWARD First Prize of Design Dept. : Grand Mall Park / redevelopment
  • 2017GOOD DESIGN AWARD: Kinjo Pier Parking
  • 2017MACHINAKA-HIROBA AWARD Third Prize: Sakonyama Minna no Niwa
  • 2017YOKOHAMA HITO MACHI DESIGN AWARD / Townscape Award: Minamaki Minna no Hiroba (Minami-Makigahara Station Plaza)
  • 2016GOOD DESIGN AWARD: Namiita Lab
  • 2016GOOD DESIGN AWARD: Minamaki Minna no Hiroba (Minami-Makigahara Station Plaza)
  • 2018CIVIL ENGINEERING DESIGN PRIZE, JCED / Honourable Mention: Grand Mall Park Renewal Project
  • 2016KIDS DESIGN AWARD: Yamanami Nursery School
  • 2016KIDS DESIGN AWARD: Koto Kameido Satellite Global Kids Tatekawaen
  • 2015JAPAN WOOD DESIGN AWARD: Yamanami Nursery School
  • 2015JAPAN WOOD DESIGN AWARD: Wooden toy "Ikimono no Katachi" (MEGUMI Nursery School)
  • 2015KIDS DESIGN AWARD: Koto Bay Satellite Smart Nursery School main campus “Tennis no Mori Campus”
  • 2015KANAGAWA ARCHITECTURE CONCOUR First Prize: MUFG Global Learning Center
  • 2011GOOD DESIGN AWARD: NTT EAST Training Institute / Building 5
  • 2016Open Proposal First Prize: Spatial Design for Toyota City City Center
  • 2015Nominative Competition First Prize: West Shinjuku 5-chome North Area Disaster Prevention Neighborhood Planning
  • 2015Open Competition for Sakonyama-Danchi Central Distict Renovation First Prize: Sakonyama-Danchi Park Project
  • 2013Nominative Competition First Prize: Yokohama-Station West Exit Project
  • 2012Nominative Competition First Prize: Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu, Chiba
  • 2012Open Competition First Prize: Welcome Garden Shin-Osaka
  • 2010Open Competition First Prize: FANCL Project - Yokohama Water Candle