Green carpet for everyday life

AEON MALL Miyazaki – hinata TERRACE

Located close to the Miyazaki city center, AEON MALL Miyazaki opened in 2005. As the largest shopping mall within the prefecture, it has become an integral part of people’s lives, not just as a place for shopping, but for friends and families to gather and enjoy their time together. The mall underwent expansion in 2018, which gave us the opportunity to design the courtyard.
The synthetic grass that blankets the courtyard welcomes and embraces all visitors. Sections of the lawn are raised at an angle like a mound, and they can be used for people to stretch out and relax, or to view various activities inside and outside of the stores. There are also various playful features scattered across the yard for children to enjoy, such as water fountains, a large slide, and blackboards for doodling.

  • Status

    Completed 2018

  • Location

    Miyazaki, Miyazaki

  • Client


  • Site

    3,600m2 (hinata TERRACE only)

  • Environmental design

    D-Brain Institute

  • Furniture Production


  • Photography

    Takahiro Shimizu

  • STGK's roles

    Landscape design, Furniture design

  • Designers

    Gen Kumagai, Chinatsu Onitsuka, Top Apichart