Construction Fence made into a lifestyle magazine
to showcase features in and around Yokohama.

have a Yokohama (Yokohama Station Construction Fence project)

In preparation for the 2020 opening of the new station building, the west gate area of Yokohama station is cordoned off with a long line of fence. Rather than leaving it covered with inorganic boards for five years, we have initiated the “have a Yokohama” project, utilizing the fence for people to discover and experience what Yokohama has to offer. The featured articles are renewed every three months on this magazine-like “fence media”.

“have a Yokohama” is accepting submissions from the public through social media:

  • Release

    2015 - 2020 (quarterly)

  • Client

    East Japan Railway Company

  • Location

    Yokohama, Kanagawa

  • Planning, Editing, Design

    Yokohama Construction Fence Editorial Team (= East Japan Railway Company + JEKI + STGK + NOGAN)

  • Photography

    STGK (1), Kota Sugawara (2, 3)

  • STGK's role

    Graphic design

  • Designers

    Gen Kumagai, Yuki Ito