Welcomed by the sky and the nature

Kintetsu Hakata Building (Miyako Hotel Hakata)

This was a rebuild project of the Miyako Hotel Hakata, which has stood as a landmark since 1972 beside the Chikushi exit of the Hakata station at the center of Fukuoka. The architecture was designed by Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Inc. The concept of “a hotel with greenery, water and light” is recreated on the façade of the building by boldly incorporating the essences of the open sky beyond Hakata Airport, and the rich nature of the Kyushu mountains, such as Sangun mountains of the Chikushi mountain range. We collaborated on the concept work, façade design and the exterior spacial design.
The external terrace features greenery and a waterfall which almost looks as if it has eroded away a part of the building, is visible from the station and is now a new landmark. The ground floor which connects to the city features the “city lounge” within the piloti space. Each bench and planter here are made from a single piece of aluminum bent into shape of an original design. The outdoor spa on the rooftop is open to the wide sky of Hakata and lets people enjoy the view of Hakata city. The plants used are selected through study of the local potential natural flora, and from plants seen in Fukuoka and the Chikushi mountain range. We hope that staying at the Miyako Hotel Hakata will help guests to discover the diverse charms of Hakata.

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