A Garden of Circles

Duo Hills Minami-Machida THE GARDEN

Duo Hills Minami-Machida THE GARDEN is situated near Minami-Machida Station, which has become a popular area due to recent developments, including the construction of large-scale commercial facilities near the station. Many people have moved to this area and a new community is growing. Our concept for the landscape design was “circles that bond,” and we placed many features that allow activities within the garden to be visible and ready for interaction. In doing so, we hoped to make a new addition to what the town has to offer.
Inside we created three areas: the entrance approach, an inner circular garden that functions as a communal space, and the “arena garden” public area. We placed a large ring of sofas in the inner circular garden that allows people to sit facing each other while enjoying natural elements. In the entrance approach and the arena garden we used a design that incorporates various linked spaces with circular motifs that join the residents with people who live in the wider area. Our idea was that these spaces would work as a bond between the different groups.

  • Status

    Complete 2019

  • Location

    Machida, Tokyo

  • Client

    Hoosiers Corporation

  • Site


  • Architecture

    g-mute planning

  • Planting plan


  • Photography

    Takahiro Shimizu

  • Awards


  • STGK's roles

    Landscape design, Furniture design, Sign design, Artwork

  • Designers

    Gen Kumagai, Hiroki Shizuya