Creating places to hang

Exhibition: Mitsushi Yanaihara’s Design

Freshly woven fabric, a sketch, a piece of clothing in mid creation, and threads, Mr. Yanaihara’s studio is strewn with various things hanging everywhere on every catch, hook, and ledge there is. In such a studio, he creates clothing by gaining inspiration from everyday things that catch his attention. These inspirations are realized in bits at first, then put together through numerous iterations and finalized as a completed piece of clothing ready for a hanger. Those who visit will browse the clothing hanging around the studio while listening to the stories of their creation, and if they find something they like, they will leave with a piece of clothing hanging on their body. Thus the inspirations from everyday things that Mr. Yanaihara has captured, are returned to the everyday lives of a town.

When we were first consulted on the composition of the exhibition, we did not think a calculated layout just for the sake of exhibiting items would work well. Instead we filled the space with numerous aluminium square pipes to create a vast hanging place for us to literally hang the ideas in Mr. Yanaihara’s head. The square pipes were placed at various heights with the creations for the latest season hanging on the lowest pipes, and the pieces that led to their creation (such as bits of cloth or clothing items from the last season) hanging in reversed progression on the higher pipes. The pipes were connected to each other like a mobile, so that removing an item would gently give motion to the entire exhibit.

On the day of setting up the exhibit, the pipes were in place and Mr. Yanaihara proceeded to hang various items. Soon, all the hanging places were taken, creating a space that could be called a three dimensional model of Mr. Yanaihara’s creative mind.

  • Status

    Completed 2012

  • Location

    Aoyama, Tokyo

  • Collaborators

    Gelchop,「 」LAB, Breath, Hammerhead Studio

  • Photography

    Forward Stroke Inc. (1〜4), Takahiro Shimizu (5〜8)

  • STGK's role

    Exhibition design, Installation

  • Designers

    Gen Kumagai, Yoichiro Ishikawa