Invite the Forest


Sakadoyama (Mt. Sakado) is known as the location chosen by Kanetsugu Naoe, a famous feudal lord of Echigo region, for his residential castle. The “ryugon” inn is located at the foot of this iconic mountain, beloved as one of the charms of the region. The original “Ryugon” inn has been in business for 50 years, before it underwent the first phase of a renovation project and reopened in October 2019.

STGK was in charge of developing the spatial concept and landscape design for this project to renovate a long-established inn as a place where guests can feel and experience the unique and valuable winter culture developed in the region which sees the heaviest snowfall in Japan.
The concept of the landscape was to “welcome in the forest”, to remove as much of the elements as possible from the original Ryugon, which had been repeatedly extended and built-up over 50 years of its operation, and to create “room” for the nature of Sakadoyama in the background to come in to the garden, to prepare a “place” to welcome in the forest. Over the coming years, we will continue to be involved in shaping the scenery of this place while also managing the forest beyond.
In addition, we have created a picture book, “Invite the Forest”, which introduces the ecologically rich forest surrounding the hot spring resort and describes the future of the garden of “ryugon”. A copy of this picture book can be found in each room for guests to enjoy.


Video “The making story of manor hotel renovated for the first time in half a century”
(Director: Hisao Moriyama)

  • Status

    Completed 2019

  • Location


  • Client


  • Site area


  • Renewal Design:

  • Architect

    Ashida Architect & Associates

  • Planting plan

    Yoichiro Ishikawa- TREEFORTE

  • Lighting design


  • Furniture design & production


  • Photography

    Satoshi Shigeta

  • STGK's roles

    Landscape design, Picture book creation "Mori wo maneku"

  • Designers

    Gen Kumagai, Jun Miyamoto (Landscape), Yuki Ito (Picture book)