Industrial revolution to world heritage. Visualizing the Shimadzu culture.

Sengan-en and Shoko Shuseikan Museum

Sengan-en (Sengan Garden) was constructed in 1658 as a vacation home for the Shimadzu clan, rulers of the Satsuma Domain (which included modern day Kagoshima Prefecture). Sengan-en, Shoko Shuseikan, and the surrounding facilities were awarded World Heritage status in 2015, and plans were drawn up to restore the facilities within the garden and completely remodel the design of the surrounding environment. We chose a design for the signs that reflects the characteristic of the Shimadzu Clan, who had been forward thinking and innovative through the times. The most important thing is for visitors to be able to enjoy strolling around the garden. In order to return the space to the state that it was enjoyed by successive generations of Shimadzu clan leaders and engender a connection with the history and lands of the Shimadzu clan, we kept the number of signs to a minimum and designed them so that they would not clash with their surroundings or the historical feel of the garden. We also redesigned all the signage for the various buildings, leaflets handed out to the public, and paper bags used by shops in the garden to ensure a unified visual identity.

> Sengan-en:

  • Status

    Completed 2017

  • Location

    Kagoshima, Kagoshima

  • Client

    Shimadzu Limited

  • VI design


  • Photography

    STGK Inc.

  • STGK's role

    Sign design, VI design

  • Awards

    SDA AWARD Selected Project / Kyushu District Award, GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2021 (Kagoshima World Cultural Heritage Orientation Centre)

  • Designers

    Gen Kumagai, Yuki Ito