A nurturing "circle" for the local children

Yamanami Nursery School

Yamanami nursery school in Obama, Fukui prefecture, is located at the foot of mountains rich in nature. We have created a “circle” of wood decking that goes up and down and around the artificial mounds of the school yard. It performs multiple functions such as a foot path for a stroll, a playground for the children, a spectator’s area on sports days, and a stage for photoshoots. The “circle” gently wraps around the children’s everyday life.

  • Status

    Completed 2015

  • Location

    Obama, Fukui

  • Client

    Social Welfare Corporation Seiryo-kai - Yamanami Nursery School

  • Site


  • Architects

    Atelier Alpha, m-di Kukan Design

  • Photography

    STGK (1~6, 10, 11, 12.drawing), Yamanami Nursery School (7, 8, 9)

  • STGK's role

    Landscape Design

  • Designers

    Gen Kumagai, Jun Miyamoto